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 Are you wondering what to do upon entry to World of Gor: Please read this::

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Are you wondering what to do upon entry to World of Gor: Please read this:: Empty
PostSubject: Are you wondering what to do upon entry to World of Gor: Please read this::   Are you wondering what to do upon entry to World of Gor: Please read this:: Icon_minitimeSat May 28, 2011 4:01 pm

We all know the basic protocols and expected rules of Role Play within Gor, if not, ask people, many if us are only happy enough to share these with those new or the unknowing.

The World of Gor is simply Gor, its areas of Gor which are all but one NZ areas, so in order to help ease people into its use, here are some handy tips.

Free and slaves alike:

When entering any of the rooms within The world of Gor, until you post your entry you are not * present * in that area and therefore no one should aknowledge any new arrivals. ( this will be good for those wishing to learn and/or observe the role play. It also gives you time to find out whats going on at any given moment of the current RP and of course, PMing someone present will be a great help too.

This helps keep the RP going in full...( In Character ) and no ( Out of Character ) talking ruining the RP

There is the Great Hall for questions and advice too!

Slaves have been wondering a few things too:

Slaves need not ask nor beg entry to any of the rooms within The World of Gor, to do so may end you in serious trouble. Slaves should just enter and as above if you dont post entry you are not * present *. Wait and get a feel of the role play, PM others to ask whats going on then fit yourself into the RP. Wait until a free speaks to you before you address them, try not to be pop tarts either.

Mass welcome backs and greetings are not needed either, and should you need go AFK...ask and go, no long reasons why you are...AFK))) works, of course if you are doing something with a Free then that will change....use PM for help and guidance.

I suppose the main thing for anyone to remember is that, a no enter post means you are not there: these are NZ areas, make your presence known and you are now in role play and held accordingly.

Remember there really is no safe place on Gor or places to hide, its not nice and it is harsh.

I have posted the link here to The World Of Gor web site, here you can find more about what the rooms are and this should help you decide where you want to go RP on your visit. Please click below for Word of Gor web site

Hope this of help..............have fun!

The World of Gor Site


Watch your thoughts, they become words.Watch your words, they become actions.Watch your actions, they become habits.Watch your habits, they become your character.Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.( Tekla Torres)
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Are you wondering what to do upon entry to World of Gor: Please read this::
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